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Chuck Rudolph MEd, RD

A Registered Dietitian is the expert on healthy eating, food and nutrition. A Registered Dietitian has a university degree in nutrition and dietetics, has completed an internship in a hospital and is a member of the provincial dietetic association or college. The title "dietitian" is protected and can only be used by people who meet the high educational standards, whereas the term "nutritionist" is not protected.

Chuck Rudolph is a Registered Dietitian (Graduate California State University Long Beach) and holds a Masters degree in Nutrition Education with concentration in Biochemistry (Graduate of University of Cincinnati as well as Bachelor's degree of Science from Xavier University. Chuck has been providing meal plans and nutrition education for the past 13 years. He also is currently involved with the research and the development of innovative nutritional supplements directed at utilizing cutting edge nutrients for enhanced wellness, weight loss and performance.

Being a former college athlete, Chuck Rudolph's expertise is directed at weight reduction, body fat loss and enhancing sports performance through simple, yet superior nutrition planning and education. He has developed successful meal plans for top level business men/women, stay at home moms that want to be in shape as well as various professional, college and high school athletes. Chuck has authored and co-authored various published scientific articles that are written for health care practitioners and consumers. Currently, his personal interests involve educating balanced nutrition to coincide with each person's busy and hectic lifestyle.

Through his efforts, Chuck Rudolph MEd, RD has acquired an excellent reputation for his ability to assess and implement nutritional excellence. His years of practical and clinical experience have given him a unique ability in connecting together the disparity between nutrition science and its application for optimal physical wellness and performance.


"I want to thank you for all your help. Following this meal plan has done wonders for me. The education you provide would take 3-4 semester in college. It really has helped me calm down my cravings and regain control of my eating. I have not had any binge behavior at all these past 5 weeks. I do not feel out of control any more or like I just want to crawl in a hole.

I can't thank you enough."

"I'm feeling the best I've ever felt in my life. I started at 185lbs, I weighed in last Saturday at 157lbs. I'm fitting into 3 dress sizes smaller now, so things are going extremely well."


"The program has been awesome so far! Results are better than what I expected. The way you can incorporate ones lifestyle into the plan is remarkable. Having 3 kids it's not always easy to be at home and make dinner. Your ability to find eating out options (that we like) and education the proper portions for myself is impeccable. I can't thank you enough. 4 weeks in 10 lbs down and my husband can't keep his hands off me…

Thank you SOOOOO much."

"It amazes me that I have not changed my busy lifestyle at all. You have taught me how to portion my meals to accommodate my hectic schedule. 6 weeks in and 11 lbs down…I have a glass of wine on you tonight.

Thank you,

"The best part of this plan is the communication. For the entire 8 weeks I felt that I had a personal dietitian telling me and educating me on exactly what, where, how and when to eat. Most diets make you feel like you are in jail. I don't know how you do it, but to me it felt like a vacation that has yet to end. To top it off, after my husband saw my 21 lb loss he is now in week 5 and is down 13 lbs. Oh by the way, I am 5 weeks post program and have lost 2 more lbs… not like many diet fads where you learn nothing and gain all the weight back. We thank you for the true education and all the weight loss"

-Jenny and Phil-

"After my second child the weight gain was disturbing. I tried many local chain weight loss centers and was only able to lose 11-12 lbs. It used to be a struggle for me but your program makes it so simple. ONCE I was educated on the calories I required and learning the portions to meet these calories it was so easy. I am happy to say that I did get back to my pre preggy weight and feel GREAT about it. The best part is the weight is still off. Thank you for the education"


"Once the kids starting playing sports and I was driving them and others all over god's country, I found myself putting on weight rather quickly. I have always been a thin person and could eat whatever I wanted but for a few months it was a struggle getting into my normal clothes. Your plan, which educated me on how to "eat on the run with the kids", showed me portion control that made the difference. It amazes me that I now know how to eat with the kids on the road and I lost the 8 lbs I put on. Thank you for saving my wardrobe.